Stewardship and Development

“We make a living by what we get.  We make a life by what we give.”
Sir Winston Churchill

The word “stewardship” refers to the Catholic approach to our use of the gifts that God has bestowed upon us.  Stewardship is God-centered, rather than self-centered, and works to serve the Divine plan.  Profound gratitude, justice and love become fundamental motives for giving back to God.  In a variety of ways, we as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ share our time, talent and treasure to build up the Church and make our world a better place.

Your monetary gifts make a meaningful difference to Holy Family’s ministries and programs.  We wish to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who financially supports Holy Family through weekly giving, special collections, one-time gifts, and all the other avenues of giving, like spending your hard earned money on food for the food panty, gas in your car to perform volunteer service, and much, much more.

Your gifts of time and talent across all the ministries of the Parish are integral to the vibrancy and spirit of our commmunity.  From Linen Ladies to Religious Education Teachers, Council Members to Choir Members, our Parish volunteers are just awesome!  We thank you most sincerely, and continue to be humbled by your unselfish outpouring of ministerial dedication.  We invite each of us to look around the parish to discern what feels right for our God given time and talent.  Please join the fellowship of so many others in offering back to the Lord what He has given us one more day on this earth to do.

No one can say what is the appropriate dollar amount or time one should give overall to philanthropy. Everyone’s income and needs are different. God does not ask us to give more than we can afford.  Recall the widow who found the coin and gave it to the church.  One coin from her meant more than from another.  One must discern for oneself.

Parish Collections

Thank you for the generous support Holy Family receives throughout the year from our friends and parishioners.  Holy Family is blessed to have the financial support so greatly beneficial and necessary to its operations.  Each registered parishioner receives envelopes in the mail for weekly contributions.  In these mailed packets there are also special collection envelopes that support special needs and interests in our community and the Diocese.  Please consider the important needs of the Seasonal Flower ministries, the Beloved Tradition’s Building Fund, the Helping Hands and Samaritan Funds for the needy, and other special needs as they arise.  Together with prayer and volunteerism, God is working mighty deeds through our generous supporters!

Holy Family partners with Our Sunday Visitor for an Online Giving Program.  Our Sunday Visitor offers an easy, safe and secure online giving program for one time guests and parishioners alike.  The program offers 24/7 access to your online options and selections.  If you have any questions about our partnership, please call the Parish Business Office at 815-725-6880.  Questions about Our Sunday Visitor’s program are best answered by Our Sunday Visitor at 800-348-2886.  Please click here to be redirected to the giving site.


Sponsors and Partnerships

Holy Family Parish is so very blessed with the special and generous support of our community partners!  We extend a sincere thank you for their kind and benevolent monetary and goods donations!  THANK YOU!!!  Please keep us in mind for your future outreach.

Diocesan Special Collections

The Diocese of Joliet actively supports the universal Church through prayer and giving.  The parishes are asked to take second collections or supply special envelops to our parishioners at various times throughout the year. These funds are remitted directly back to the Diocese for its discernment and distribution.  A complete list of special collections can be found on the Diocese of Joliet website, or by accessing this link to the current list.

Catholic Ministries Annual Appeal

The Diocese of Joliet conducts its Catholic Ministries Annual Appeal in the Spring.  Please visit Diocese of Joliet Appeal for more information on how the Ministry Appeal monies are supporting the community at large as well as each of the parishes in the Diocese.

Remember the Parish in your Will (Legacy Giving)

Consider a Memorial in the Holy Family School Endowment

School Fundraising

Per Diocesan policy, the School is responsible to raise a certain portion of its revenue from fundraising.  Thank you to the support our Parishioners so generously give the School when participating in Football Raffle, Fall Gala, March Madness, 5K and Much More!

Other fundraisers from which the School benefits throughout the year are: Box Tops for Education, Labels for Education, Manna, Target Percentage Back, Food For Less, and other various programs throughout the year.  Thank you for your help and support!