Fellowship Sundays:  Once a month after the 7:00, 8:30 and 10:15am Sunday masses,  coffee, juice, donuts, and other breakfast treats are served in the Parish Hall (Gym).  It is a gathering to meet with fellow parishioners and make new friends.

Welcome Dinner:   A special dinner is held for new members of the parish.  Invitations are sent to those who have recently joined Holy Family Parish.  Our Pastor, the Holy Family Staff, and committee members are on hand to welcome the new members and answer any questions they may have about how they can become involved in the activities and events at Holy Family Parish.

Women’s Club:  This Women’s Club is a vibrant group of ladies, organized for social and spiritual gatherings and fellowship.  Luncheon extravaganzas, church beautification, ‘goodie’ baking, communal prayer and Day of Reflection, and more add to the growth and spiritual wellness of these active women.

Senior Luncheons:  These periodic and energetic luncheons extend an opportunity to our community to share some food, stories, and laughter in the Parish Hall.  All luncheons are announced in the bulletin, or call 815-725-6880 for more details.  Looking forward to seeing you!