Parish Administration

Money Counters’ Ministry

The parishioners of Holy Family are served by numerous rotating teams of Money Counters, who share their time and talents throughout the week, as well as weekends. Holy Family is blessed by the dedicated efforts of these rotating teams.  These patient teams spend time, sharing coffee and fellowship, while counting and securing the generous donations of our parishioners and guests to the Parish.  Our fantastic weekday teams assist with the School and Religious Education fundraising and tuition payments as well.  We applaud the efforts of these teams, and sincerely thank them and the Team Leader for all the scheduling and coordinating throughout the year.  We are additionally thankful to all of our fantastic ushers for their dilegence with the collection procedures.

The Diocese of Joliet has established strict guidelines for money collection and receipts.  These policies can be found on the Diocese of Joliet website under ‘Finance Office: Financial Policies.’  In the Fall of 2011, Holy Family underwent a succesful Diocesan audit of its internal collections procedures, and was given high markings for both procedures and accuracy.  The integrated use of tamper evident sealed bags and watchful procedures protect all parties and ensure safe transfer from pew to bank.  The Church very much appreciates all donations and will act in a prudent and respectful manner to ensure the proper discernment and allocation of all stewardship.

If you are interested in joining the Money Counters’ Team, please contact the Parish Office at 815-725-6880.