Music Ministry

The music ministry leads the church in sung worship in a variety of styles. Within the music ministry, parishioners will find many ways to participate. Small ensembles of vocalists, cantors, or instrumentalists can be found leading worship at all the Sunday Masses. The larger, traditional choir with instrumentalists and cantor, lead sung worship at the 10:15 mass on Sunday. The school children’s choir sings at mass once a week.

The music ministry is filled with a diverse group of individuals, some who read music and others who do not. The choirs support the sung prayer of the assembly but also form a close knit group of friends that enjoy singing and praying together.

Choirs, cantors, and instrumentalists come together to sing and lead the music at the major feasts and special liturgies of the Church. There is a place for everyone in the music ministry.


Open to individuals who have received the sacrament of Confirmation and have a talent to sing in tune, possess leadership qualities that allow them to engage the assembly with their body, mind, and soul in leading the sung prayer.

  • Time commitment: This is probably the most time intensive ministry. Cantors spend time at home practicing their music as well as attending monthly rehearsals and possibly weekly rehearsals with the choir, for extra help.
  • About the cantors: The cantors are a close group of singers who support each other in their ministry. With their musical and spiritual gifts, the cantors share this ministry of sung prayer with the assembly and with each other.

Children’s Choir

Please check back at a later date for more information.


Open to individuals who have received the sacrament of Confirmation, which is typically freshman in high school through senior citizen.

  • Time commitment: Attend weekly rehearsals for about an hour and a half. Sing weekly at a Sunday liturgy.


Open to individuals who are Confirmed and have a talent on an instrument.

  • Time commitment: Instrumentalists come to a weekly rehearsal with the ensemble or choir that they usually play with on Sundays. Instrumentalists usually play each weekend at the mass their ensemble is singing at.
  • About the instrumentalists: We have music for almost every instrument and because we have a more contemporary sound, we are always looking for instrumentalists who read music, have studied their instrument and have more than a basic facility.