Parish Staff

Holy Family Catholic Church
Staff Directory

Parish Staff

Office: 815-725-6880
Fax: 815-725-2311
Very Rev. Dennis J. Paul
Rev. Tom Dunn
Parochial Vicar
Pam Pucel
Administrative Assistant
Deacon Manuel Guerrero
Pastoral Care
Deacon Thomas Paluch
Pastoral Care
Deacon Stephen Gerding
Pastoral Care
Deacon Karl Huebner
Pastoral Care
John Gustin
Pastoral Care/Facilities Manager
Beverly Holt
Director of Worship and Music
Renee Wissel
Billing Clerk

School Staff

School Office: 815-725-8149
School Fax: 815-725-8649
Anthony Simone
Jill Gillespie
School Office Manager

Religious Education

Religius Education Office: 815-730-8691
Religius Education Fax: 815-725-8649
Leslie Krauledis
Director of Religious Education
Susan Stachovic
Administrative Assistant
Peni Heffernan
Director of Adult Faith Formation and RCIA
Christina Thomas
Director of Youth Ministry