For Parents

Holy Family strives to keep constant communication with our families.  Each week we email a Thursday Communication to each school family filled with important information about past, current and future events.  When we need to send home paper information, we use a Thursday Folder in addition to our weekly email.

Click here to download our Thursday Communication Email


The purpose of a volunteer in school is to aid the staff and/or students with instructional reinforcement and to assist the classroom teacher as needed. The Joliet Diocesan School Board has mandated the following policy to be in effect in all schools and parishes as of July 1, 1991. Holy Family School will abide by this policy.


Prior to beginning volunteer service, all persons involved with minors on a regular, recurring basis, or those who would have the opportunity to be alone with children during parish, school or religious education sponsored events are required to present the following:

  • A certificate of attendance from a Protecting God’s Children session.
  • Results of a criminal background investigation (subject to the conditions of the Diocese of Joliet.)·
  • Written acknowledgement that the person has read and understood the Pastoral Policy Regarding Sexual Abuse of Minors and the Standards of Behavior for Those Working with Minors. (Both documents may be downloaded at