School Board

The School Board is composed of nine lay members, the Pastor, the Principal and the Vice Principal.

School Board meetings will be published on the monthly school calendar. All regular board meetings are open to the public.

Role/Purpose of the School Board:
There is a considerable difference between a public school board and a parochial school board. A public school board is constituted as regulatory, one which enacts or uses existing rules and regulations to govern the operation of its institution. This type of board is considered administrative and differs significantly from the consultative board of a Catholic school.

A parochial school board is a body whose members are selected and/or elected to participate in decision-making in specific and designated areas of responsibility. A parish school is part of the educational mission of the parish for which the pastor is the canonical administrator. According to diocesan policy, he delegates administrative responsibilities to the school principal, who is accountable to him. In the Diocese of Joliet, school boards are consultative in nature.

A consultative board operates in the policy-making process by formulating and adopting, but never enacting policy.
This very general responsibility resolves into six distinct functions:

  1. To participate in and encourage strategic planning by establishing a mission statement, goals, objectives, long-range and short-range plans for the school.
  2. To develop and defend policy by formulating policies in accordance with diocesan policies which give general direction for administrative action.
  3. To offer financial advice by developing plans/means to finance the educational programs including tuition, development and fundraising, allocating resources according to a budget and monitoring these plans.
  4. To serve as a good public relations source.
  5. To evaluate itself periodically determining its own effectiveness in light of its mission and its responsibilities as outlined by diocesan policy and by its own constitution.
  6. To participate in the selection of the principal, who is the board’s executive officer. The pastor hires the principal. At his discretion, he may invite board members to serve on the search committee when a principal needs to be hired.

What the School Board is not: 
The parochial school board does not act as a grievance committee. It does not hire, evaluate, or terminate faculty members. The board does not administer the school. It does not tell the Principal how to administer the school; rather it gives direction through policy. The board does not regulate the instructional program or involve itself in matters of curriculum.

Communication with the School Board: 
Whenever anyone has a concern that falls within the scope of school board matters, they are most welcome to come and address the board at any regularly scheduled meeting. During every school board meeting a time has been allocated for visitors to address the board. Visitors will be welcome to share their viewpoints during the agenda item labeled as “Visitor Comments”. Please see the School Board Meetings Visitor Policy located in the appendix of the School Handbook.